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EMDR is Effective and Evidence-Based

EMDR addresses the psychological and physical symptoms stemming from adverse life experiences. EMDR is not just for trauma; it is also used for performance enhancement. 


Resources to learn about EMDR:

Research in support of EMDR effectiveness:

  • Twenty-four randomized controlled trials support the positive effects of EMDR therapy in the treatment of emotional trauma and other adverse life experiences relevant to clinical practice. 

  • Seven of 10 studies reported EMDR therapy to be more rapid and/or more effective than trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy. 

  • Twelve randomized studies of the eye movement component noted rapid decreases in negative emotions and/or vividness of disturbing images, with an additional 8 reporting a variety of other memory effects. 

  • Numerous other evaluations document that EMDR therapy provides relief from a variety of somatic complaints. 

  • Research on the effectiveness of intensive treatment program combining prolonged exposure and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing for severe post-traumatic stress disorder

Video By: EMDRIA (EMDR International Association)

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