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EMDR Intensive Therapy

Accelerated approach to healing and growth

Life hurts right now, and you know something needs to change. 

Maybe you’re getting triggered more often and it takes longer to regulate back into your resilient zone.


Maybe you are finding it difficult to balance the responsibilities of work, family and your mental health.

Maybe there are old patterns that are no longer working for you getting in the way of living your full potential. 


Or, maybe you've been attending weekly sessions and only addressing the "surface," and you don’t want to wait months (or years) to feel better. 

If you’re looking to address your problems in more focused way, then EMDR Intensive Therapy can provide accelerated healing and growth in a short period of time. 

Benefits of EMDR Intensive Therapy 

  • Go deeper and experience faster relief, while achieving your goals quickly and improving your relationships.

  • Convenient scheduling options.  Traditional weekly therapy sessions can be challenging to fit into a busy schedule.  Intensives are designed to support your schedule and timeline so you can get back to your daily routine.

  • Ability to reach time sensitive goals.  Many people enter into therapy with time sensitive goals, such as anxiety getting in the way of a presentation or pressing changes needed in a relationship.  While weekly therapy can help, it's just not fast enough.  Intensive therapy allows us to move towards you goals in a matter of hours. 

  • Maximize your time and save money.  Intensives are more cost effective than traditional therapy because intensives are highly concentrated and highly focused on the specific issue(s); usually requiring less time and overall cost to you.


Intensives are offered online or in person and is scheduled in 2 or 3 hour blocks or as a full day Intensive Therapy Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii.   

Clients participating in Intensive Therapy will receive a Customized Treatment Workbook that can be used to build awareness and to support continued changes during and after sessions.

Research is mounting to support the effectiveness of EMDR Intensives and has shown to be well tolerated, safe, and an effective way to address PTSD and complex trauma histories.  Instead of conducting the standard approach to EMDR (50 - 60 minute sessions once per week or twice per month), the intensive approach compresses 3-5 months of EMDR Intensive Therapy into 3-5 days.


"After one 3-hour session with Katrina, I was able to resolve the issue I came in to see her with.  I also have new insights and a different perspective that allowed me to heal.  Since then, I feel more at peace, calm and less triggered."
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