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Intensive Therapy Retreat in Hawaii

Imagine being able to save yourself months or even years of therapy, achieving results more quickly while also benefiting from the healing power of paradise.

Image by Roberto Nickson
The combination of  Intensive Therapy, the magic of a tropical paradise, and getting away from your normal routine is a formula for achieving positive transformation in a short period of time.


Benefits of an Intensive Therapy Retreat:

  • You get fast and effective treatment, with the ability to reach your goals sooner, reduce symptoms and improve your relationships

  • You get a break from the daily routines, while healing from your past without disrupting work or your relationships

  • You get a deeper integration by experiencing the natural healing energy of the Aina (land)

  • You can take part in adjunct therapeutic activities like yoga, massage, and acupuncture

  • You can experience nature in one of the world’s most isolated (and beautiful) places, including hiking, beaches, paddle boarding, and ocean adventures

  • You can stay at a luxurious resort, or a comfortable (secluded) vacation home (whatever your preference)

  • You can get into a relaxed mindset prior to (and after) your intensive therapy session, allowing for a deeper and more meaningful integration

What's Included: 

  • Initial 90 minute goal setting assessment 

  • Journal and a Customized Treatment Workbook to deepen and expand your learning

  • 6 hours Intensive Therapy (equal to 8 weeks of therapy) consisting of EMDR and other holistic interventions in Kailua Kona, Hawaii

  • Local organic lunch and refreshments during your intensive session

  • Recommendations and scheduling for post therapeutic activities for further healing 

  • One 30 minute follow up (via online) scheduled within 2-3 weeks



"My intensive session with Katrina was profoundly healing and grounding. Her compassionate and direct nature helped me identify and work through the root causes of my depression and anxiety. She helped me move through and process some incredibly difficult events in my life."
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