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Whole Person Healing

Uncover and heal the root of your struggles.

By the time we reach adulthood we carry a collection of experiences that influence how we show up in the world.  These experiences turn into subconscious lessons that teach us how to think, feel, and be in relationships. Sometimes those experiences help us develop a sense of accomplishment and resilience. And other times, those experiences overwhelm us, get stuck, and lead to distressing symptoms. 

Each person is unique, and your story is the key that will unlock your healing potential.  In sessions, you'll develop a deeper understanding of yourself, letting go of limiting beliefs and rerouting old adaptive patterns that are no longer working for you.  I utilize an integrative and holistic framework to harness the power of your nervous system in healing and use proven techniques that focuses on reprocessing stuck memories, allowing the wounds of trauma and other adverse life experiences to metabolize, so you can return to a state of health and resilience. 

Together we co-create a space in which you can repair and reclaim your relationship to your whole Self:  mind, body, heart and soul.  A space where you can re-write your story and create a new beginning.  Along the way, you’ll build greater self-awareness, self-compassion and resilience to move beyond your experiences towards healing and lasting wellness.

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